Do you have a Pirate Crew Name picked out yet???

Register your Crew Name now,  before another team pirates it and claims it as their own!

Show us how clever and crafty you are as you register your Official Crew Name. Register your name through posting a comment on the blog, or post it on Facebook. Be sure to check the already registered Crew Names on the blog and Facebook so that you don’t try to steal an already registered names…   Honor among thieves, and all…

24 Responses to “Do you have a Pirate Crew Name picked out yet???”
  1. chris says:


  2. Cap'n Sam says:

    Love to see new crews up for the challenge… Good luck to ya mateys!!

  3. Jackie says:

    The Plank Walkers are returning this yearrrrr!

    • Cap'n Sam says:

      Glad to have ya back again this year… there are new shops and some tough clues, but I know yer crew has what it takes to get the mission done!!!

  4. Cruz says:


  5. Katie says:

    Raisuli the Magnificent

  6. Jim says:

    We be the Land-Lubbers

    • Cap'n Sam says:

      Well Land-Lubbers… you’ll be need’n to put on some sea legs for this voyage (and maybe pack some Dramamine)… the seas be filled with adventure and I don’t want ya to miss out on any of it. So Land-Lubbers are as ya come, but ye shall be a friend of the sea by the end of this voyage! Ahoy!!

  7. Bill and Max says:

    The Treasure Hunters

  8. Emeric the Evil says:


    • Cap'n Sam says:

      Without heads, ya must be relying on some pretty deep skills to get ya through all of these clues… or a really wise Parrot to lead your way. Arrrrr

  9. Lauren says:

    The Dreadful Dagons

  10. Jackie says:

    The Sparrows!

    • Cap'n Sam says:

      Pirates.. don’t let the name fool ya. This is a tough crew to reckon with. I believe I’ve seen their fine efforts of the past… Pleasure to have ya back on board this year! Arrgh

  11. Sara Ringer says:

    Our team name is “The Brown & Deline Hot Lady Matey’s”

  12. Typhoon Rhys says:

    The Invasion of the Booty Snatchers

  13. Vanessa says:

    We be Bootylicious, arrrggghhhhh!

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