Loot Haulers 2010!!

There was a great turn out of pirates this year, all in search of Lavish Pirate Loot.

Pirate Mikey and Pirate Mikayla were on hand today to draw the lucky winners of this years hunt….


TeaHaus was a special bonus solution on The Hunt this year and for every one that stopped in there to collect the prize, Pirate Mikey did a special drawing just for you. Every team that got this bonus solution, had an entry created for their crew and that was put into this special drawing. An entry for your crew was also put into the drawing for the big treasure chest.  The 2 winners of the TeaHaus packages are:

The Plank Walkers

The Ragged Dove



Our two runners up for the big loot will each win a prize package.. These winners are

Cap’n Gil & His Mate

(won on your bonus entry for having yer map signed)

Spring Street Scallywags

(also won on a bonus entry for completing the extra bonus clues that were posted on this web page)

And the Grand Prize Winner of the Treasure Chest filled with Lavish Pirate Loot is…..

Sunny Saturday Afternoon

Congrats to all of these loot haulers, and Thanks to everyone that came out and visited Ann Arbor’s local Ports-of-Call this year!!!

Ye be a fine group of Pirates, and It’s been another great year of pillaging and plundering on the wild seas of Ann Arbor….



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