Crews that Conquered…

Crews of Pirates have been spotted all over town this October, solving clever clues in some of Ann Arbor’s most unique local Ports-of-Calls.  Well Done Pirates!!!  Here is the list of Pirate Crews that took on this 3rd annual voyage, and returned victorious, visiting each Port-of-Call and solving all of the challenges they were given.  I’ll keep adding Crew names here as they come in… be sure to get your submission Postmarked By Monday, November 1st!!  There is still time to solve the clues and mail them in so that you can get your chance at the Lavish Loot!!  Pirates Unite!

The Sparrows

(a very clever crew with picture perfect clues.. well done team!)

Hedgehog Rollers

(as well you know, So good to see you active again this year! and Thanks for the TeaHaus tips!! Arrrgh.. )

The Scurvy Dogs

(the Lady’s lancing was an appreciated addition to yer submitted loot.. Hats off to ya!)

The Plank Walkers

(clearly a crew that had themselves many laughs along The Hunt’s route… Thanks for the fun pics 🙂

Pair of Docs

(check out this Pirate crew for yer Tec-Start Up needs.. they be just what the doctor ordered!! Good to have ya back aboard crew!)


(Ahoy to me library crew mates!  Well done!)

The Limey Lemens

(any relation to The Blimey Limey’s?? {see below})

The Seta-Rip’s

(interesting name.. and well done on the clues.  Thanks for playing along crew)

Ann Arrrrbor Explorers

(well done explorers!  Thanks of the note (glad yer crew had a blast!), and I love the stamp choice.. Arrrrgh)

The H-K Crew

(Ahoy… Hope ya had fun time.. and that not too much of your October was wasted away coming up with the clever team name. Yar 😉

Van & His Mateys

(To me out-of-town crew that spent their one day in A2 adventuring on the wild seas and traveling into our local Ports-of-Call… I tip me pirate hat to ya’ll.       Ye win the award for furthest traveled, cutest pirate with pirate giraffe side-kick, and nicest note. {Of course, there really isn’t an actual award for that though.. I am still a pirate after all!!}  Arrrgh..   Well done crew!!)

The Hornswagglers

(and I thank yer crew for the many camera angles.. I didn’t even have to get out my spy glass to verify their authenticity)

The Ragged Dove

(Yer 19th clue was most unexpected, and Nicely done! Ye be a crew of fine pirates.. and with the vests, jackets, and shirts to prove it)

Captain Z

(Ahhh… Captain Z!  I heard tale that you were on The Hunt.  Great to have ya aboard. Ya have a very fine looking crew of mateys too.)

Spring Street Scallywags

(Yeah Library Crew Mates.. and I sees that ya had the extra fun and captured the bonuses too.. Nice work crew!)

The Dread Redheads

(Very clever pics. , and quite the eye for Xs)


(Great to have ya back aboard Crew! I was very impressed with yer clever riddles and rhymes, glad to see yer crew had lots of good times)

Kavanagh Crew

(for the mere fact that I had to make up Yer crew name, I should send ya to Davy Jones Locker, but you’ve been saved because you have all of the correct clues, and three awesome pirates that impressed me several times but especially with their ‘X’ solutions.  Well done Crew!!  ps. Awesome pink and black Pirate gear!!)


(Ye be in the running for Lavish Loot!  Well done crew.   Ye also win the award {I mean if there really was an award for this} for The Best picture of a Pirate next to “the biggest place to stash yer booty in A2”)

Ye Hearty Beauties (and The Scallywags)

(Ahoy! and Great to have ya back aboard. I applaud yer efforts and give a hearty “Arrrggghhh” salute along with a  Thanks for the fun in opening yer submission each year )

Brown & Deline Hot Lady Matey’s

(This Pirate crew be fit to tame the seas, or your messy locs)

The Canonballs

(Glad to have ya back aboard!!  Yer crew of 8 went the extra miles too for a couple of bonuses..  Great Job!)

Bears with Chainsaws

(Ahoy Commodore!  Long trip from Mongolia.. but good to see that you were up for an adventure on the wild seas of Ann Arbor. Take heed, ye shall be given credit where credit is due!)

Dance Booty

(Way to conquer those wild waves, and take on a pirating adventure… the eye patch was a nice touch too!)

4 Loot Lovers

(Very impressive effort.. right up to the very end!)


(ps. thanks Pirate Patti for letting me know that Bush’s is giving you a $10 coupon for all of the loot you’ve spent there.. but that won’t help you win anything extra on this here Hunt…  😉  ps. Good stamp choice… I liked!  Yarrrr!!!!)

Viva LaFuente

(ye be the Pirates that got in yer submission First!!! If there was a prize for that, you would’a won it.. sorry there aint!!)

Patel Pirates

(folks from me Library crew I see… glad to see ye made the voyage!!)

Captain Gil & Mate

(Ye be a fine crew Year after Year!)

Pirates Ahoy

(I was loving the penmanship of the Pirate that wrote down the Crew’s name… Nice work Pirate!!)

Sunny Saturday Afternoon

(I be glad that you were adventuring under a blue sky with rays of sun. Nice Job Crew!)

Blimey Limies

(Clever name Pirates… Well Done!)


Winning Pirate crews will be announced on Nov 11th…

keep checking back to see if you’ve been added to the list… or to guess yer odds of winning the Big Booty of Loot!

6 Responses to “Crews that Conquered…”
  1. teacherpatti says:

    D’oh! Is that where my Busch’s coupon went?? I’ve been looking for it!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you got the entry for team “Bootylicious.” My family has been checking the site daily. We sent out envelope in last Monday.


    • Cap'n Sam says:

      Yer on the posted list.. and in the drawing!! Best wishes to yer crew and great job taking on the adventure of The Hunt!!

  3. AB says:


    Thank you for a great treasure hunt!

    Hedgehog Rollers are waiting to see if their solutions were received and are correct too.


    • Cap'n Sam says:

      Yer name be on the list posted today.. nice work taking on the high seas of Ann Arbor and braving the salty sea air!

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